HySow is a renewable energy recruitment partner.

We are a young and ambitious company that specialises in the green hydrogen and fuel cell sector.
From our HQ in Linlithgow, Scotland we serve our clients through our retained search and permanent hire services.
We connect the right people with the right business as we grow globally.

We are passionate about a sustainable fuel market and the delivery of a workforce that will create a greener future. We are a diverse and friendly team with extensive experience working within the energy sector. We are proud to be involved in the energy transition that will create a zero-emissions society.

HySow's experienced search consultants source a range of professionals from directors and senior managers, to technical staff. We like to get to know you, your business and your needs before we start the search to find the experts you are seeking. We will then source and secure the best candidates to ensure the success of your business.

Managing Director, Bio:

Kenan Beverton, Managing Director at HySow.

I'm proud to lead HySow the Global Green Hydrogen Recruitment Specialist. For 20 years I've recruited internationally for new start-ups and large energy businesses while living in England, Scotland, Australia, Malaysia, and Qatar. I enjoy working with diverse teams, delivering outstanding customer service and exceeding what is expected of me. I have had success recruiting in rapidly growing sectors, challenging markets, and even within failing economies. I like to stay informed about new technologies and ideas that will help create a greener future, from green hydrogen production and protecting secret rainforests in our oceans, to effective education systems. Since living in Scotland I have developed a passion for the outdoors, making the most of hill walking and mountain biking, which has been useful during the pandemic. It would be great to get back to motorbiking, an old hobby of mine, but I expect it will be when someone designs one powered by green hydrogen...and I don’t mean a scooter!

If you would like to learn more about HySow please contact me on kenan.beverton@hy-sow.com


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